Pepe Research is a market and political research company.
Brainchild of Paola Merulla and Elena Salvi, it was established in October 2012, the fruit of the pair's experience in the sector, which spans more than a decade. They gained much of their experience together: first with the Istituto Superiore di Sociologia (Institute of Sociology), then in the academic environment (Universitá Milano Bicocca, Faculty of Sociology), and after that as consultants for the Lombardy Regional Institute for Research (IRER), before years of employment in managerial positions at ISPO, the institute founded by Professor Mannheimer.

We perform research in all sectors, covering an extensive range of research areas: strategic marketing, communications, public opinion, institutions, election campaigns and social issues.

We aim to develop new research models and techniques to gain the best possible understanding of the ever changing world: globalisation, the digital world, sustainable development and participatory democracy are just a sprinkling of the challenging "Pepe" projects we're working on right now.
Pepe Research enhances the most traditional quantitative and qualitative research methods with application of the latest, continuously evolving techniques.
  • Both multi-client and ad hoc research in Italy and abroad
  • Quantitative research with field CATI (landlines and mobile phones), CAWI, one-to-one and multi-channel methods
  • Qualitative research: focus groups, in-depth one-on-one interviews, online forums, mystery shopping
  • Qualitative-quantitative research: buzz analysis, informed opinion polls
Survey TARGETS: population, businesses, opinion leaders, privileged witnesses, trade associations.
Pepe Research has taken root and is thriving within VM6, a group of companies which complement each other, each one highly specialized in a particular area of communication and boasting its own competences. The companies pool their professional skills to fulfil the specific requirements of each single client.

Advertising, graphics and artwork, new media, photography, multilingual communication and market research can all be found in a 15th century villa, a hidden jewel in Milan. It is a unique place which can guarantee the most practical and effective solutions; a place where research finds new sources of inspiration and more effective ways of communicating (